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Bird Wise

The sparrow picks away at some wiggly delight in the yard.  The young morning is sweet with new light.  Work, already.

The natural wont for us to be busy.  Eons old, the compulsion can not be stifled. Fend for a living.

When is man happier than when he provides for his family?  When is woman more confident than when pursuing her passion?  Innate career goals.

I took a moment, a long quiet nurturing moment, to watch the scrub jay sitting in happy calm upon a fence post.   I learned  much.

The winged territorial animal just IS.   He seemed content within himself and his circumstance.  I thought.

Awareness has its drawbacks.  The jay is unconscious of the abstract. Free from its weight.

I released the stress that greeted my day.  Instead I simply saw the present.   Minuscule part of an infinite whole.

I sit and hear a robin perched high in a confident cedar.  Her song is cheerful, seductive.  I am reminded.

It is important to listen, just watch and observe.  Thus I feed the well waters of my soul. I enjoy.

She has no care! she will survive today and that is all that matters.   She sings, not knowing that I am moved.   I have my own song.

I will sing it.





What’s Your Element?

One of my favorite things to do is watch someone in their element, doing what they love most to do.

I had a dog whose element was swimming.  She would swim for up to an hour at a time.  On a few occasions I worried that she’d cross the small lake we frequented, come out on the other side and wonder where I was!  She was happy though, oblivious to the family she left on the shore, and content to paddle along without any direction in mind. I couldn’t help but marvel as I watched her in her element, doing what she obviously enjoyed most.

I have a son whose element is on the gridiron.  Since he was eight, something happened whenever he put on his pads andcamp2 helmet and stepped on the green field. The gentle boy with a wont to please disappeared; replaced by a fierce competitor that took this mother a couple of years to get to know.  He’s a junior in high school this fall, playing starting defense and his passion has only increased.  Over the years I’ve watched him discipline himself to go on early morning runs, hit the gym in the off season and during summer break, and absorb the stories of his heroes on “A Football Life.”  Tonight we kickoff the season with the traditional scrimmage and as I sit in the stands and watch him play, I’ll do so knowing he’s happy to finally be competing, content in the challenge to do his best and lead his team. Completely in his element.

For some of us, writing is our element.  Tucked away from the world in order to create an imaginary world for others, we spend countless moments absorbed in a thesaurus or staring out the window in search of just the right words and phrase.  As grueling and demanding as the process of editing is, we find immense satisfaction in the activity of creating the perfect sentence (I am thankful to live in the computer age. There’s something seductive about highlighting a group of words, capturing them with my mouse, and moving them. Poof!  Magically the sentence I struggled with now reads and flows with elegance.  It’s like Lego’s with words!).  We writers are never happier than when we are agonizing over vocabulary or the structure of our next work, because we are in our element.

But what if you aren’t in your element?  What if you aren’t doing what you love to do and what you are passionate about? Then I challenge you to make a change. Life’s too short kids!




Myself and my illustrator in a creative jam sesh for a children’s book I converted from a short story. Go write something today kids……



I cannot sit in a cubicle

Is that Okay?

Four walls confine my body

Four walls constrict my creativity

I don’t fit into the corporate world

Is that Okay?

Competition instead of cooperation

Competition for only money

I don’t buy into the vanity

Is that Okay?

Fake nails and hair

Fake pleasantries and friendships

I am different than most

Is that Okay?

My work is of the soul

My work is to capture what cannot be seen

I’m unable to work a 9 to 5

Is that Okay?

Nature sets my schedule

Nature alone defines my days

I am an artist

Is that Okay?

favedahliaAnd if I don’t fit in

It is because

Freedom is required

In order to create

And that is

Most certainly


Half a World Away…

We are all the same, you see, there is no us and them.

Half a world away

A man wakes at four thirty in the morning

He prays to his god that this day

He might find the one ruby

That buys his family out of poverty

Half a world away

A mother cradles her infant child

Her breasts offer little milk

Food is scarce in the refugee camp

And her other children must eat as well

Half a world away

A nine year old boy walks

With his father and uncle

To the coal mines of India

Wages are low, he must work also

He is not the youngest

We are all the same, you see, there is no us and them.

Here in my home town

A man wakes early in the morning

And puts a gun to his head

He hasn’t found work for years

He can endure no more

Surely they are better off without him

Here in my home town

A mother leaves her children alone

She must work, they must eat

She cannot afford a sitter

Protective services arrives

They are a family no more

Here in my home town

A seven year old boy

Runs errands in the back alleys

Of a forgotten block in LA

His boss is a drug dealer

His errands are white packets

We are all the same, you see, there is no us and them.

What man does not desire to provide for his family?

Which mother would not her own meals for her children?

How many childhoods are stolen because of economics?

Half a world away, or here in my home town.

We are all the same, you see, there is no us and them.

author’s note:  the scenarios used in this prose are real.   a recent study released revealed a high increase in suicides in the u.s. due to long term unemployment issues.   here’s to thinking….and to those who struggle along side us – half a world away.    frankie

Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’

For me, the answer is always the former:  I work hard.  I’ve worked three jobs at one time and even now I ‘work’ two jobs since I have my hourly day job and then my moonlighting night job of writing. I take pride in my work and I make sure my employers get every cent’s worth of work out of me.   I strive obsessively to be sure that any one who reads any thing I write is challenged and entertained.  Often my husband and I will remind my children of our mantra:  “It doesn’t take much to shine.” In other words, just the smallest bit of ‘extra’ attention and effort goes a long ways, and I’ve always made sure to live up to my words.  It’s paid off.  Recently I was asked to step up as second in command at the hotel I work at.  I accepted the offer without hesitation (regular hours dude) and I am off and running into a new adventure.

Which is why you haven’t heard anything from me for a couple of weeks!  I’ve been adjusting to new hours (was working swing, now I am days, beginning at seven)  and learning to cope with the responsibility of being the buffer between co-workers/guests and management.  Consequently I’ve not been writing as per my usual habit.   I just want to take a very long nap when I get home and then zone out on NBA finals.  Yet as I sit at me keyboard now, typing away, trying to frame just the right thought with just the right words, I remember what my passion is and where my heart lies….always as a writer.

Now a new challenge awaits me as I forge ahead to reach my goal of quitting my job to write full time.  It means struggling with the challenge of sleep deprivation, a more strict schedule, and far less wasted time on the internet.    It means a helluva lot more work, but I know I am up for it.

You’ll see the efforts of rising to my new challenge in the form of a few new updates on this site.  I’ll be categorizing articles for better navigation, for instance.   You’ll even notice I’ve included my mission statement on this page, just below the ‘Quote of the Week.’  I’ll also be starting a new web page which will be wholly devoted to education and information concerning the Financialization Revolution.   As near as I can tell, the slow erosion of our once prosperous middle class (which not-so-co-incidentally also coincides with the erosion of our once touted democracy) is the single most important event to occur in my lifetime…..  yet we fail to realize it as is evident by the way many mainstream pundits deride the poor as ‘takers’ and utterly ignore the players of Wall Street and the Financial sector who have manipulated interest rates and tax loopholes to their infinite advantage.  Since I strive to maintain a balance in my writings so as not to alienate anyone, I thought a separate website for this information was a plausible solution…keep an eye out for its launch!

In the meantime, you’ll be getting from me an article addressing  the impact of ‘Grace’ on humanity, a story of ‘Two Stevens’ whose separate paths illuminate the struggles of many of our brothers and sisters in modern times, and a fun short story meant for purely entertainment purposes.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE writing?

I am patiently (well, not-so-patiently really) waiting for my book cover and then my first work (Maslow’s Triangle:  Short Tales of a Homeless Chick)  will be available on Kindle, Nook, and other i-readers…should be able to launch that gig in a couple weeks, according to my graphic artist. I am also waiting to hear back from The Atlantic on the two articles I’ve sent to them.

Working hard?  Why yes I am!  Here’s to reaching goals, new adventures, and making the necessary adjustments to change.

Be well! dear readers, and please enjoy your journey!