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Sorry Bibi, You Didn’t Fool All of Us

Lots and Lots and Lots of murmurings and postings about Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his visit to the United States, especially his address to the nation’s Congress yesterday.  He may have felt like he overcame a great political coup in order to stand in our hallowed halls – oh wait, he did – and he may have felt welcome by many of his U.S. supporters who applauded his walk to the podium, and he may have reveled in the pats on the back and the congratulatory handshakes when the moment was all over….but he didn’t fool all of us.

See, here’s what some of us know about Bibi.  We know that he’s made life a living hell for millions of our human brothers and sisters living in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.   We know that his own nation is in economic peril because he’s chosen guns over butter.   We know that he’s cried wolf’ over Iran’s nuclear arms for over a decade now. We know that he’s got a fairly decent stockpile of nuclear weapons himself, something about a pot calling a kettle black. We know that our own problems with Iran go back over half a century to our placement of the puppet Shah and any dealings with them must take that particular history into consideration.

So whilst he was speaking, many of us couldn’t hear him because the war drums he was beating drowned out his words and made them impossible to hear. We could hear them from him and we could hear them from our own because we know that many of our own leaders are chomping at the bit to have another war started.  We know that war is profitable for them.  To many of us, Bibi’s rhetoric is as inane and ignorant as theirs – we’ve heard it all before you see.

Probably, in the long run, not much harm will come from all the fuss and the Prime Minister will go home to an uncertain re-election and the exciting memories of moment he spoke to our Congress.   But if I could have him take away one thing from his visit here, he should understand that he didn’t fool all of us.

Isn’t it about time for another Enlightenment kids?


I have a heavy heart……

There were a few postings yesterday on my facebook feed concerning the show “Duck Dynasty” (never watched myself).  Apparently there were complaints about the whole ‘god and guns’ theme that runs through the show and many were celebrating the fact that the gig was renewed, happily keeping it’s ‘god and guns’ component.

God and guns….

Allah and jihad……

Israel and Palestine…..

Someone one said ‘imagine no religion’.

Just imagine………

Be Well,