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from the financialization revolution front…

Lynn Stuart Paramour gives us a glimpse of AynRandian-style economics here in our home nation, as a wall street guru takes over one of our biggest retailers and drives it to ruination.   I worked for Sears a few years ago and can personally attest to the low moral.   In the training room there was a big poster hanging over everyone that had three goals for each employee.  Wanna know what the first was?  

Make more money.

Not customer satisfaction.  Not cooperation.  Just make more money.   To this minimum wage worker, who would MAYBE see a 25 cent an hour raise each year in a continuing slogging economy, the goal to ‘make more money’ was laughable.   More money for who?  Certainly not this worker, or any other Sears employee, who would never see the fruits of their labor if we did make more money.   Turns out we were making money for Lampert………..I don’t feel so bad now for quitting that no end job with its insulting ‘motivational’ attempts…….