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Remember the story of Braveheart?

We cheered the Scottish leader and

praised the victory at Stirling but still

the story ended in failure for the Scots

and an ultimate, eternal loss of their independence.


Their own division was their downfall.


Clans fought among each other

instead of finding the common ground of

unity, each un-willing to let loose of smaller

ideals in order to coalesce against a tyrannical enemy.


The story we write today is commensurate.


A Party of factious clans mobilize around leaders

to whom we’ve pledged our souls without

understanding that such an action means

we’ve also turned our backs on one another.


We fail to realize we share the same intents.


Sure, I’ll validate your assertion that

policies and proclamations of one leader

outweighs those of another, but each has

their strength. They are none of them benign,

they are none of them blameless, either.


We only have this moment to keep our independence.


I pray we can all step back for a wider perception

and comprehend the task at hand: to

loosen the grip on our own sacred ideals

in order to make room for a much needed accord,

for the vitality of the Party,

for the sake of our nation.


Only with coherence does the US avoid a reprisal of Scotland’s subordination.


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be well friends,


Demagoguery in the U.S.? Probably not.

The recent and enjoyable spat between Ann Coulter and the rest of The View crew again reminded me that many of us still cling to the ideology of ‘The White Man’s Burden.’  It is an ideology born of bygone days from the time when ‘guns, germs, and steel’ were overwhelming less industrialized societies and annihilating them at a god awful pace in the name of Colonization and Imperialist snobbery.  If Ann had her way, this thought process is a dead issue (somehow its death blow came with the OJ Simpson verdict ??????).  The reality is that the imperialist idea (and its inherent racist tenants) is still alive and well today in the Republican party, it’s so blatant in fact that yeah, any normal attempt the democrats make to ensure equality could be interpreted as demagoguery, being interpreted of course, from the perception that only rich white men matter.

It doesn’t take a genius, for instance, to look at all the pictures and videos from both recent party conventions to realize that one party is way whiter than the other.  And way more male.  Translation:  obviously one party embraces a true representation of our nation.  It doesn’t take a genius to see the implications of white republican convention women throwing peanuts at their African-American sister saying “This is what we feed the animals.”  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Republican efforts to curtail ‘voting fraud’ are blatant attempts to disenfranchise millions of black, Mexicans, and other minorities.  Why?  Because those minorities typically vote Democrat.  Why?  Because Democrats typically take care of them, along with the rest of the nation, much better than Republicans.  It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the efforts to re-build New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina were wholly geared toward the rich and the white. Current demographics support this trend clearly. New Orleans’ rebuilding was financially underwritten by private contractors and approved by republicans who stood to profit hugely from those private contracts.   It doesn’t take a genius to see that our prisons and judicial system are highly geared toward criminalizing young African-Americans.   It certainly doesn’t take a genius to understand that republicans dislike our current president simply because he is black.

See, when there is obvious effort to disenfranchise our minorities, democrats don’t NEED to patronize anyone, simply exhibiting basic human compassion is enough to balance the scales.  As long as the “White Man’s Burden” ideology is lurking around, such a simple act could look like demagoguery from the narrow view of the republicans.

Be Well!