Frankie’s Books: Published and “In The Works”

Now on Kindle:

 Caysee Rides:  A Story of Freedom, and Friendship

Caysee has lived as an orphan for three years in the rubble of Chicago, in a world where corporations and Execs make the decisions.  Faced with a meager life that lacks choices, she decides to take the risk of Riding the Wagon Train from the Northern Province to the Pacific Republic where she can get an education.  It’s a Ride that challenges her fourteen year old soul, but she learns the importance of friendship along the way thanks to Mac whom she meets just before leaving.  They each realize that life really is different when lived as a free person; and having a loyal friend to share its burdens is something to be cherished.

Fall 2022: Estimated release date for Frankie’s “Flash Drive Diary“.   Brandon is a seventeen year old junior in high school who lives a secret life that would destroy the relationship with his parents if it were ever discovered.  The only outlet he has to process his plight is a diary kept on a flash drive, and a singular friend that listens with patience while providing an example of the life Brandon wants to live.  Can he manage to live with his secret until college when he’s out of the house and out from under his parent’s control?  What happens when his dad finds the flash drive, and thinking it’s his, plugs it into his computer one day and reads Brandon’s agonizing confessions?  Stay tuned for this important work as writer Frankie Wallace wades into a contentious current social issue.

Thank you for reading.

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