welcome!  this blog is dedicated to promoting ideas and news that make us think, endear us to each other, and positively point to the future for the human race.

i am a historian, my b.a. degree was earned at csu chico, california, with a couple of years of grad school thrown in (will finish one day).  my interest and emphasis is on early british history, the victorian period especially since it was the birth of modern capitalism and consumerism. i am equally enchanted with the ‘age of exploration.’  there will never be another one on earth.

having been successful in academics, i worked as a proposal writer at a local corporation.  while i also excelled in this arena, i  found myself yearning to step out on my own (to my surprise) and earn my way with my pen, er, computer.

“as things stand now i am going to be a writer.  i’m not sure that i’m going to be a good one or a even a self supporting one, but till the dark thumb of fate presses me to the dust and says ‘your are nothing,’ i will be a writer.”  hunter s. thompson

combining current events with a historical perspective (and a healthy dose of optimism and natural law)  i hope to enable us to re-think some ideas as they have  evolved over time.

i am a big fan of truth.

“curse of the orchard, blemish on land’s fair countenance.  i have grown strong for strength denied, for struggle in hostile woods.  i keep alive by being the troublesome, indestructible stink weed of truth.”  naomi long madgett

i reside in northern california with my husband, three boys, and two dogs.  i am an avid hiker, reader, and napper.

because i am human, i am a humanist.

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