A Human……ist Moment

I work as a front desk manager at a local hotel and the most favorite part of my job is the people I meet each day from all parts of the world and in all kinds of predicaments. Sometimes I the opportunity arises when I can make a difference in someone’s day with a kind word or a hug.  Today for example, a woman came in to check out her parents’ room.  The family had spent much of the previous night in the local E.R., where they discovered that their father’s cancer had come back and days were numbered, moments mattered. Big tears welled up as she updated me and since I know the gig (lost my own dear father to cancer) my immediate response was to walk around the counter and give her a hug.  She was truly grateful.  We chatted a few more minutes, she shared how wonderful everybody has been (I had the privilege of relaying to her that one of the E.R. doctors came in and took care of their bill) and I gave her my card with a command to come by if she needed a shoulder.  

On my ‘About’ page I claim myself to be a humanist because, well, I am a human.  Moments such as this morning are a testimony to our cooperative, compassionate nature and our ability to band together and help one another in difficult, painful predicaments.  I am at a loss to think of a better example of what being a humanist means to me.

Be Well,




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Frankie earned her BA in History from CSU Chico. Her writing includes current events as well as self published fiction and a children's book she is publishing. She lives in northern California with one husband, two dogs, and three boys. Frankie is an avid cooker, reader, hiker, and napper. View all posts by Frankie Wallace

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