Happy Spring Kids!

I’ve been busy working, as in that-job-i-want-to-quit-someday, AND getting my first book through smashwords (tedious stuff as many of you may know.  who knew a book cover was so important?), AND trying to keep up with short story writing at the same time. It’s not working too well at the moment.  I wanted to get something out today though, so thought I’d sent a personal note for once; you know, let go of the formalism and just prattle a bit.

I hope this finds you well and moving forward!  We’ve been enjoying beautiful sunny weather here in Northern California, mixed with some decent rain which is much-needed and makes this gardener happy.  Then again, there are friends and family posting news about hiding easter eggs in the snow!

Here’s some snow for you as a matter of fact.  This is the view from our local Sonic drive in, Lassen Peak, N. California – I really love where I live!

lassen peak

Talking easter reminds me of a recent conversation I had with a christian friend.  I made the comment on my facebook page about the bible series being aired on the history channel and the buzz going on around the internet about jesus being white and satan being black, blah blah blah.  My comment was that, of course its going to be like that, history is written by the winners.  What I thought was a somewhat inane remark turned to a slogging discussion about racism…wtf?  Even more astonishing was the belief (of many, apparently) that atheism is at the heart of racism.   Again, wtf? One of the first things one learns as a historian is the gi-normous role religion plays in racism, yet christians claim it is the atheists who are responsible since they ‘have no morals’.  The irony leaves me dumbfounded. 

The argument left me exhausted.  And frustrated.  And stuck with the reality that ignorance is alive and well.  I realized that I sometimes resent that I feel forced to ‘fight’ back when it comes to calling out complete bullshit.  I hate fighting, of any kind.  At the same time it’s difficult to let untruths go unnoticed .  Some days I simply can’t and then I end up feeling like I’ve been beating my head against the wall which of course is what I was doing. Then, I end up feeling duped, once again, into arriving at place that I know is unproductive.

I know I am not alone however.  An acquaintance of mine recently relayed his story of having to stand against close friends who, once again, questioned how on earth he could be an atheist and still have morals.  My facebook feed is full of friends who become embattled with family members over similar questions of religious beliefs (or lack thereof).  It’s interesting because we’d really just rather be living our lives instead of having to stop every few steps along the way in order to explain our decisions and choices. It gets tiring.

Really, if they’d just stopped for a minute and watched us live our lives, they’d see that we are not  morally bankrupt just because we don’t surrender ourselves to an imaginary being.  We  stay faithful to our spouses because we value the sanctity of our relationship.  We don’t steal from our employers because our consciences would never let us sleep.  We don’t abuse our  children because we want them to achieve a healthy self-esteem and grow up to contribute positively to society.  On and on.

Maybe I’ll try that as a new tactic:  instead of engaging in the same arguments, I’ll simply draw their attention to the way I live my life and let them decide for themselves.

Have I prattled enough yet?  I think I have for now.  I’ll be off then, living my morally deprived wretched lifestyle of trying to do my best every day.  And here’s to all of you who live the same morally deprived wretched life, where freedom is sweet and the effort is worth it.

Be Well!


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Frankie earned her BA in History from CSU Chico. Her writing includes current events as well as self published fiction and a children's book she is publishing. She lives in northern California with one husband, two dogs, and three boys. Frankie is an avid cooker, reader, hiker, and napper. View all posts by Frankie Wallace

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