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short story of the week

‘trust’….trent is a doctoral student excited to interview one of his academic idols on the subject of parallel universes.  instead of the usual q & a session though, trent gets a life lesson that brings him peace.

a new year….

i am not one for resolutions, but new years does somehow offer the promise of a fresh start –  or at least a reminder to get back on track after the holiday melee.

the one thing i choose  to return my focus  to, as always, is to keep balanced:   in mind, body, and soul.

it is a difficult thing to achieve in our current civilization.  seems that the more sophisticated we’ve gotten, the more conscious we need to be to keep our lives balanced.  here’s what i mean:

the recent election here in the u.s. caused a frenzy of passion and emotions in which i myself participated.  it was difficult not to, there was so much at stake.   i wrote, i researched, i made videos and posted them to youtube as a way to channel my energy and passion.

while i was happy with the outcome i found myself depressed almost immediately afterwards. still we are in a political deadlock and still because of human greed.

but as the new year settles in i realize i need to focus once more on keeping a balance.  i don’t apologize for being passionate about our nation and its future. i do realize though, that it’s not healthy to focus on just one part of life.

in effort to stay focused on writing this year, i plan to write a short story a week to publish on my  tumbler account frankiewallace.tumblr.   my intention is twofold:  keep my imagination working since the book i am writing is very factual based, thus bringing balance to my writing by forcing my creativity somewhat. and it forces me to be consistent.

here’s to  a new year.  here’s to balance.  here’s to a healthy life!