so billy graham….

all of the sudden has a change of heart about what cults really are.  all of the sudden god is not so concerned with ‘worshiping false idols’ just so that christians have the justification to vote for a mormon.

and just because we already have a perfectly good christian president  that  has come out in favor of marriage equality.

i mean, it seems god could just as easily change his mind about homosexuality being a sin so we can keep our current christian president.

way more efficient, and even perhaps a bit less hypocritical.

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6 responses to “so billy graham….

  • chicagoja

    I understand where you’re coming from. Just one problem, though. Our current president isn’t Christian at all. He’s actually a Muslim.

    • freelyfrankie

      you sure about that? he says he’s christian, goes to a christian church, you can even go the sunday school he went to in hawaii….so what evidence do you base your claim on?

      • chicagoja

        I won’t bore you with all the details, but here’s a few:
        (1) raised by a Muslim father in a Muslim country and by his own
        admission attended a Muslim school
        (2) quotes frequently from the Qur’an, but not the Bible
        (3) refers to the Qur’an as the Holy Qur’an; does not refer to the Bible as
        the Holy Bible. Note: only a true believer refers to a religious book as

        By the way, there are a couple of interesting videos where Obama actually refers to his Muslim faith.

      • freelyfrankie

        bore me with the details please chicagoja! send me the links, book titles, whatever. i am open and will review new information as long as it is credible. here’s some things i found while researching your assertion:

        i did see where he quoted the quran in cairo in 2009, seems that was more of an attempt to reach out to a disenfranchised people rather than actually proving his faith in islam.

        looking forward to hearing from you! frankie

      • chicagoja

        Most of this is on You Tube or just google “Is Obama a Muslim”. Quoting from the Holy Qur’an was from a well-publicized speech before the United Nations (also on You Tube).

      • freelyfrankie

        i actually did google as you suggested and came up with the links i sent…..the article is especially enlightening….and a very credible source. have you checked it out yet? also, i did see the u.n. speech, like i said, it was more of an attempt to reach out to an international audience than a declaration of faith…..

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