Monthly Archives: December 2010


i have three jobs.  i own my own housekeeping business, i work as a tutor, and i work as a front desk clerk at a local hotel.  i often think i should consolidate and get a single full time gig.  my husband and i are barely making it and i have three boys to help provide for as well. but there is something inherently vulgar to me about becoming a cubicle slave.   been there before: in by 8, break at 10 & 3(complete wastes of time), and lunch at noon, office politics, who’s your friend, who isn’t – i hated every minute of it. the money was okay, but i still struggled to pay my bills. and i would come home each evening with the only goal of recuperating from the day’s stress so i could survive the next.  i have declared it against my religion to work thusly.  even if i do have three jobs, in two of them i am making nearly twice what i would make at a desk job.  and i am working for myself.  i like my freedom, even if it means a meager existence.   there is also a bit of underground – ness about my wont to abstain from cubicles: that is i am exempt from the entire lifestyle that goes along with it. i am exempt from having to look ‘just so’. i am exempt from the drama of having to survive in shark infested corporate waters.  i am exempt from having to fight all day against negativity and insecurity.  so then, even if my income is currently exempt from abundance, at least i am free and independent.  i am happy in this circumstance. less is more. be well, frankie